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About us

The Admin-IT is an IT company located in Sao Paulo, are specialized in services and IT consulting in various areas of computer science and technology.


Our goal is to bring all the facilities that IT provides us with for businesses of all sizes and segments serve any region of Brazil.


Always thinking to provide quality solutions in IT that meet the business of our customers, always with objectivity, we provide various products and services with a cost-effective, always giving priority to the growth of our partners and customers.


Created by professionals who are already in the technology market for over 10 years working in the corporate IT market, the Admin-IT has a completely personalized service model, leading consultants who understand the daily life of your business and proposing solutions that will meeting the needs of your business, thus increasing the efficiency of your business and thereby reducing costs.


We have tools provide solutions for:


• Help Desk,

• Windows Server Support,

• Servers to Linux Support,

• Service Desk,

• Virtualization,

• Systems Management,

• Web Control,


With professional experience and continuous technical improvement, the body of analysts this willingness to implement solutions and solve problems with high efficiency and quality.


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